Top 4 project types

At Mobina we meet all sorts of manufacturing companies. While each has its own possibilities and risks, all face common challenges. Below are the top 4 project types we carry out with our customers.

  1. From strategic ambition to realization

How do I convert my new strategy into operation? What will the new direction mean for my processes, organization and systems? What will it take to ensure that we actually realize our ambitions and potential?

With our knowledge reference model, you can quickly map out the practical consequences of strategic choices with your own team. Get more information.

  1. Renewing information systems

My IT or information systems need to be replaced or renewed to meet the demands of the future – or worse, they are reaching end-of-life (EOL). I need to replace them quickly, but in a controlled manner. How do I map out the requirements? What do we need to watch out for? What is crucial for our new system? How do we make sure we don’t miss anything?

Mobina helps companies quickly and accurately with choices such as the (pre-)selection of a new system (ERP, PLM, CRM, Digital Marketing, MES, Service). Get more information.

  1. Operational Excellence check

I’m interested in Operational Excellence – making sure that within our processes everything is done right the first time, on time and at a suitable cost. Where do I start? How do I get everyone on board? How do I ensure that we continue to perform excellently throughout the company?

With our smart software, your team will immediately understand how your organization performs on Operational Excellence. You can then identify key improvement points yourself. The low-hanging fruit will also soon be evident. And all of that will happen quickly, concretely and with plenty of internal support. Get more information.

  1. Concrete and purposeful innovation

Several different innovation themes are on the agenda in my company. Which choices should we make (first)? What are the implications for the rest of the company, for example, for our IT? How do we ensure that we innovate in specific, effective and efficient ways?

Mobina helps companies implement innovation themes, such as robotization of the assembly line, by analyzing its impact on overall business. Get more information.

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