Our unique approach

Realizing a strategic vision and innovations is often complex; the risks are high, and the long projects associated with it make it difficult to stay on track. However, the right approach can lead to a successful transition. Several insights and work products are necessary:

  • You need to know the current working method in-depth
  • The vision should be clear
  • A blueprint of the to-be situation is needed
  • The IT architecture and IT requirements need to be clear
  • The impact of the change on the organization needs to be determined and mitigated

Our approach, centered around our tool, dynamically provides you with insight and allows you to keep an overview of all these different aspects. We offer a unique management control tool, generously filled with knowledge from the industry, so you can keep control over the content and can gather insights from the company by actively involving the line organization. This helps you to successfully transition!

A well-documented vision supported by the organization

You can create and maintain the blueprints and the IT-architecture yourselves in our tool. However, this modeling functionality is not standalone. In our software you can continuously maintain a consistent documentation to keep track of the made choices, the obtained insights, and the relevant details to bring the transition to a successful end. This is not another project document, but a work product of the whole organization. Instead of static papers, like quality manuals often are, you have continuously evolving documentation.

The input for these work products and the documentation comes directly from the organization. The software contains an extensive reference model, tailor-made for manufacturing companies. This model consists of all relevant processes and information exchanges that (could) happen in your organization. Modeling in our tool is about adding your own flavor to the offered knowledge models. This makes modeling much faster and ensures completeness and consistency.

The way of modeling is unique. It leads to a lot of synergy throughout the organization. Silos are bridged without being forced to take place in the same room with someone who is specifically appointed to bridge the gap. Our knowledge model contains a collaboration environment where people from the whole organization can provide input on their tasks and their IT requirements. You can uncover all relevant information about the impact and implementation of the vision and strategy by asking purposeful questions.

Ready for the transition in 18 weeks

Our approach prepares your company for a successful implementation in eighteen weeks. This period is roughly divided in two parts: first six weeks to sort everything out and then three months of Mobina usage to become ready for the realization of the vision.

Analysis of the current documentation

In the first six weeks, the current documentation is analyzed for useful information and the unknowns for a controlled implementation of the vision are charted. You can easily make blueprints by optimally using our reference model. You will directly see whether any pieces are missing and whether everything is consistent. This can build on top of the work you already did; no work will be lost. Additionally, you use this period to optimally prepare the Mobina software so you will be ready to get the most out of your organization.

Mobina stimulates communication and feedback

The second part consists of three iterations of a month. In an iteration, you first ask feedback from the organization through purposeful question, after which you process these in work products and documentation. The iterations are filled in as follows:

  1. The first iteration, you will try to get more insight in the current way of working and all applications that are used, including the infamous spreadsheets.
  2. The second iteration you start adding the details. The blueprints that have already been made will be completed using the help of the organization and verified for the required diversity.
  3. The goal of the third iteration is to identify the impact of the planned change in the line organization. The line organization is key to the pace and success. Our tool provides you with a means of communication to translate the vision to the impact on the shop floor, and to continuously keep in touch. This doesn’t only deliver useful insights, but also guarantees the required support for a successful transition.

Mobina as control tool to start and manage the transition

After these iterations, you have a complete and stable view on the realization of the vision. However, it doesn’t stop here. As during the iterations, the work products and documentation remain a living document the months and years afterwards. You can keep incorporating new insights and continue the communication with the line organization. The world and your company keep evolving. Our software keeps your company agile. The knowledge in our application provides you with everything you need to successfully complete this and other projects. Our software will make sure you keep the business case in mind, minimize risks and mobilize your organization.

Make your vision a reality with Mobina!

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