The Mobina way

The Mobina way is a unique approach for industrial companies to launch your project at the interplay of business and IT, and make it a success. All of this, in a mobilizing, targeted and cost-effective way. In this approach, you work together with your whole organization in our interactive and stimulating software tool to uncover all relevant information. By combining the software with value-added services where necessary, we can deliver the results you search in an efficient and effective way. You’re in control during this whole process, you control the project and results but with the certainty of high-quality help for fixed and affordable prices.

Want to get a glimpse of how Mobina can help the board and project managers? Have a look at this movie (in Dutch)!

‘Get it DONE’ using Mobina

What is the Mobina way? The process consists of four simple steps, of which two can be done autonomously in our software. The four steps are:

  1. Define
  2. Obtain
  3. Narrow
  4. Evolve


During this phase, you define the project. The right people have to be involved for a successful project, and they should be put to work with a clear goal. When desired, one of our consultants can help to define the project clearly and take care of the needed preparations, evidently against fixed prices.


During the second step, your organization will start using our software. Our software contains a structured knowledge model, tailored to the manufacturing industry and configured for your company. An extensive and interactive collaboration environment has been built around this knowledge model and gives people from all corners of the organization the opportunity to meet. This way, they can share what the project will mean to their daily way of working, the future and the IT systems that support them. It helps to discover the impact of the desired changes bottom-up and to optimally use the latent knowledge and experience in the organization.

Curious how the Obtain-phase works for a user? Watch this movie (in Dutch) or read about our features for more details about the collaboration environment.


The next step, you will analyze all input that was collected during the last phase and make a plan for the implementation. Using the input, you can make two clear reports: a blueprint of the company and list of core requirements and nice-to-haves for the business software. By making use of the input of your users and the clever build-up of our knowledge models, you can easily create the result to help your company in the next steps.


Lastly, it is time to transform the plans into actions and implement the desired changes. Using all the information and results from the software, you can successfully start your project. You know exactly what the impact is on the organization, and what you want and need to do. The results from the software, can provide you with a useful reference in the years to come to keep all knowledge inside the organization.

This is where we part, but we and our network will always be at your beck and call.

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