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Transitioning your company, especially with all the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, is not an easy task. You as a top manager have the tough job to introduce clever initiatives, scale those up and keep them straightforward. The core asset of your company, your people, will experience a huge change and you are responsible for guiding them. The inherent complexity generates a lot of risks, often leading to extra costs in an already expensive project.

The Mobina team has combined over 100 years of experience in complex projects within the manufacturing industry. Based on all this experience we developed the Mobina method for successful transitions. This method is the way for top management to approach and execute the transition, where you are in control and where your people are happy and mobilized.

Our method offers numerous guidelines, best practices and advice on how to realize complex transitions. All relevant, but how can you implement them without losing the overview or the project getting out of hand? To make it easy for you, we created the software toolset Mobina! The software toolset contains all the techniques, tools and knowledge you need for complex transitions in the manufacturing industry. It also enables engagement of people across the organization and monitoring the progress of the transition project.

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