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05 September 2016

Since our foundation in 2015, the team of ERP Index has been working together to create, develop and enrich our tool for industrial businesses: ERP index. On the web page ‘About us’ you can already find introductions about some of our team members. However, as key people have committed themselves and the software product is almost ready for launch, it seems to be time to introduce our entire team now. Who are the people behind ERP Index?

The mix of people in our team is unique. Not only in basic things like age and gender, but also in background, interests and professional development phases. We vary from master students in IT all the way to experienced consultants in ERP. Our president, René, has established the world leading ERP selection and implementation practice as partner at EY. Under his leadership new ERP-selection and -implementation techniques and tools have been developed. Before that, he studied Mechanical Engineering, where his interest and knowledge about operational excellence started.

During René’s time at EY, he worked with Marc Droste, who is also a team member of ERP Index. After EY Consulting was sold to the French Cap Gemini in the early zeros, they both went different ways. Whereas René gained a lot of experience with entrepreneurship by starting and managing a medical start-up, Marc has been active as consultant on the cutting edge of business and ERP. Every project, he enriched his knowledge and experience in this area. His engagements led to an in-depth understanding of the complex matter of matching business and ERP. For many companies Marc enlightened the end of the tunnel. He now makes this knowledge available to companies via ERP index.

Another team member of ERP Index is a key opinion leader for many decades on ERP in The Netherlands: Hans Wortmann. Before he became a professor at the University of Groningen, he was also a board member at the Baan software company. Hans (and René) contributed significantly in the 90’s to the success of the Baan software product to become an acknowledged leading solution in industrial enterprises. Baan is now part of Infor. The work of Hans and René, who was involved with Baan through EY, on the development of Baan and several other systems provided them a deep insight into the data structures of ERP systems and how they should match with business logic. They’ve been working together then, and now they combined their knowledge again to improve ERP index.Besides his practical experience at Baan, Hans is also a leading scientist on information management, with a special interest in ERP. Due to his many years in research, he always stayed up-to-date in the development of ERP and the industries ERP index focuses on. He now uses this knowledge to make sure our industry knowledge is up-to-date and we represent the relevant facts for every industry.

Triple2During the time René became partner at EY, he also became a father of three daughters. When his youngest daughter, Marlène, was seventeen she started her study Computer Science at the University of Twente. Not long after that, she met her partner Jochem, who is a Business Information Technology student, also at the University of Twente. After the successful ‘cum laude’ finishing of their bachelors,  they co-founded ERP Index with René and they are now both Vice President at ERP Index. Next to ERP Index, they use their free time to finish their masters. Due to the (exclusive) knowledge and the level of conceptual thinking Marlène and Jochem acquired during their studies, they are now mainly focused on creating and improving the concept ERP index and implementing this concept as the tool ERP index.

Now we have summarized the people behind ERP index, we hope you can see how we all bring (unique) knowledge and experience into this company. By combining all this knowledge with information technology, we create and develop the software tool ERP index. By using our experience and discussing about all the aspects that are relevant to ERP, we are always improving the tool and its content. We hope you can benefit and enjoy our solution as much as we enjoy developing it.

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