Jochem Verburg MSc

05 February 2018

Last Friday, February 2nd, one of our founders, Jochem Verburg, graduated from the master Business Information Technology at the University of Twente. And how! He received a 9 (on a scale of 1 to 10) for his Master thesis he conducted at Mobina the past months. Combining such a knowledge-intensive company with a Master is a very big challenge. We are very proud that he was able to do this, and finish his Master with such good grades!

Jochem Verburg presentationIn his Master thesis, Jochem developed and validated an initial design for extending the innovation process support of Mobina for industrial SMEs. The already existing support for the first phase of the innovation process, idea generation, is just the beginning. After conducting in-depth literature research, Jochem identified three key aspects on which Mobina could possibly extend their support: open innovation; select and assess innovations; and monitor and manage innovations. For these aspects, Jochem designed functionality and validated these designs. The research finally resulted in a potential product roadmap for Mobina and a list of recommendations, for Mobina but also for other people.

We at Mobina are very happy with the results. We realize the importance of investing in continuous development and such high-quality research. This research was a great example of this. A lot of interesting insights were gathered and several nice (design) ideas were discovered. As mentioned, the initial design is now there. Mobina will therefore discuss and explore these designs further with its subject matter experts and key clients to see how we can use this to improve the innovation process support for our customers even more. One thing is for sure, we want our customers to benefit this as soon as possible.

Upcoming three weeks we will publish a blog on Jochem’s thesis every Monday. Next week he will write a blog about open innovation. The second blog is about the usefulness of a strategy process. Last, he will discuss the importance of filling the void between idea generation and the project: the pre-project phase.

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