ERP Index presents: Mobina

15 May 2017

The past two years, we developed our software using the name ERP index. However, gaining experience and discovering the potential of our product, we conclude that we deliver more than ERP index suggests. Therefore, we proudly present our new name and website: Mobina.

Mobina is a combination of Mobilize, Innovate and Align IT, which represents the core strengths of our product. Our software mobilizes industrial companies. It gives their people the opportunity to work together on different kinds of projects related to (innovating) business processes and the information landscape. Discussions about innovations and business goals are enabled and structured by our industry-specific process reference model. All of the business processes can be discussed in relation to information systems, with a special focus on ERP, the backbone of many industrial enterprises. Our tool gives you extensive possibilities to align your business processes with your information landscape.

Industrial companies are faced with a lot of opportunities to innovate. Innovations are key for many of these companies to become more competitive and create new customer experiences. Mobina gives you the opportunity to assess innovation options with your entire team. Get the most out of recent innovations, your business processes, and your information landscape using the analysis in Mobina.

Later this year we will be able to support the first customers with our software tool. Mobina will still contain all the core concepts already presented with ERP index, extensively supporting both ERP selection and renewal projects. Next to this, it contains new fresh ideas to enable a broader analysis of innovations, processes and information systems. Do you want to know more about our product? Be sure to check the rest of our website or contact us at Want to stay up-to-date? Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or watch this blog. We keep in touch!

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