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The unique Mobina approach enables manufacturing companies to successfully realize complex transitions. Our approach and knowledge of the manufacturing industry is applicable to a broad range of projects. But due to their inherent complexity, some projects benefit optimally from our approach. Therefore, we present some high impact projects in the manufacturing industry where our approach ensures your vision will be successfully realized!

For each project we provide you with interesting information and the main challenges you, as a top manager, may face in these projects. By tackling these challenges, you ensure a smooth transition.

Want to discuss one of these projects with one of our specialists? Or are you working on another project and you want to see whether and how we can help you with this? Please contact us and we connect you to one of our experienced team members!

Next Gen ERP

Do you have the feeling that you have totally had it with ERP and ERP projects? Past implementations have often been expensive and not with the desired results. But despite this, ERP is and will remain a core application to achieve the business dreams you have. Check out this project page for more information on ERP projects and the challenges you might have as a manager.

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From Engineer-to-Order to Configure-to-Order

Do you feel your current way of working limits your business growth and scalability, while proving ‘the best product’ or ‘100% customer focus’ arguments is getting more difficult? Is there a serious pressure on the cost price? Then you may consider moving from a so-called Engineer-to-Order (EtO) approach to a Configure-to-Order (CtO) approach. Check out this project page to read more about this transition and the key questions you should ask yourself as a manager.

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Subcontractor's move towards strategic collaboration

Are you a supplier or subcontractor looking for opportunities to deliver a superior value to your customer-OEMer? Do you experience your profitability is too low due to high calculating and quoting costs and poor chance to score? Or perhaps you have noticed your customers’ try to simplify their processes by cooperating with less, but highly qualified suppliers. Then you may want to establish a strategic collaboration with your key customers. You can find out more about strategic partnerships and the pain points you might have with this on this project page.

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