Mobilize, Innovate, Align IT

Triple energy
Mobina generates three energy flows that together contribute to the progress and future-proofing of your company.

Change only works if everyone can be mobilized. With our rich, dynamic collaboration environment, everyone has a voice in the future of your company. Planning problems are a thing of the past, as everyone can use our digital system anywhere, anytime. You work in an open, dynamic context that transcends departments and management levels. Mobina ensures that all the knowledge and experience your employees have is brought to the table and contributes to lasting improvement.

‘Smart manufacturing’, Industrial Internet of Things and process innovation. These are innovation themes that often remain abstract in the manufacturing industry. Successful implementation depends on how you make these terms concrete. You and your employees can use our industry-specific reference model to identify the impact of innovations on your company. The software will structure and feed your discussion and quickly and transparently present appropriate options. As far as innovation is concerned, you will soon be on the path to real implementation.

Align IT.
Digitalization has given IT a pivotal position in the manufacturing industry. IT has become much more than just infrastructure your company makes use of. It is your company’s nervous system – controlling and influencing everything. Mobina helps you adequately and accurately choose your path to a digital future. For an optimal result, the core aspects of your company must be supported by the data structures of information systems. Our software helps you recognize which (ERP) systems offer you a solid foundation for continued growth. Our software gives you the main concerns on which you can base your IT choice.

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