Promises of Mobina

  1. Management in control of direction and speed

    Transitions on the edge of business and IT often take a long time and are complex. You need a lot of knowledge and it is hard to oversee everything. Often, during the final stages of the project, the original focus gets lost in the torrent of (technical) issues. Mobina delivers all needed knowledge and gives you the tools to create a well-documented transition agenda. In this way, you are in control of how the project moves forward and when.

  2. More of the original business case implemented

    Because transitions take a long time and contain a lot of details, it is a challenge to monitor whether you deliver what you wanted. In Mobina, you can document the transition consistently and continuously. You can always trace back the original decisions, and why you made them together with your organization, and keep updating the new insights and developments. At the end, you ensure your original goals are reached.

  3. Minimization of risks

    In these large transitions, there are a lot of risks by definition, especially because of the underestimation of the impact of change at the operational level. Using Mobina, you can detect the potential risks and bottlenecks early on because of the knowledge we put in the software. You can also involve the line organization in a timely matter to get the details on the table. Additionally, you will mobilize your organization by involving them. The risks are detected and handled before you run into additional costs and delays.

  4. Cost-effective realization

    Mobina contains industry-specific knowledge and experience in a standardized and automated way. This means you can save a lot of money on consultancy. Additionally, Mobina covers much of the work originally done by project or change managers. They, or yourself, can manage the project more efficiently. Key – project – players focus on the roles where they add value and straightforward tasks can be limited.

  5. Leverage what you already have

    Using Mobina, you can optimally leverage already existing documentation. Several common documentations in your industry, e.g. the quality management system, can be used as the starting point for Mobina. The existing project documentation can also be easily embedded. In Mobina, you can identify with the line organization where the gaps are between the existing documentation and practice, as well as document the changes needed to bridge this gap. In this way, you get the most out of it.

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