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Are you interested in a graduation project at a young and innovative company in Enschede? Would you like to co-determine your own project and the effects of your project? Graduate at Mobina!

Mobina IT develops the new software application Mobina which helps manufacturing companies with high impact changes in their business model. With our tool, mid-sized manufacturing companies can determine with their own organization what these changes mean for their organization, processes, and IT. Our application is filled with content on the edge of business and IT. The knowledge is sourced from our diverse team consisting of combinations of experience and young talent, and science and practice. With Mobina, we make all this knowledge available to our customers in an appealing and collaborative application.

What do we offer?

Mobina is a highly diverse application which contains a lot of IT related challenges. To start with, we develop a high-end web application with several technical challenges. Our application is also on the edge of business and IT. This brings some challenges in, for example, the collaboration of both parts, but also data analytics plays an important role here. There are a lot of opportunities to dig in, and we would like to discuss with you how to define an interesting assignment.

During the project, you will be supervised by Marlène, MSc Computer Science of the University of Twente, but also the rest of the (software)team is involved. There is an informal setting where your input is appreciated. We also have a pleasant office in the ‘Spinnerij Oosterveld’ in Enschede, close to Saxion, where you are more than welcome. We have regular knowledge session there, where one on the team members elaborates on an IT-topic that is of his/her interest, followed by a nice drink.

What do we expect from you?

Mobina IT is a web application, with a backend developed in Python and the Django framework. The frontend is created with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. We use the JavaScript framework VueJS and the Material framework Vuetify. Of course, we do not expect you to know all these techniques and frameworks for your graduation project, but experience with web development and Python is highly recommended.

We are a young company with a relatively small team, so we would prefer someone who actively participates and who is excited to work on this application!

Get in touch!

Interested in a graduation project at Mobina or would like to know more? Contact us or come by at the office sometime for a cup of coffee! We would like to discuss with you how we can define an interesting project for both parties.

Contact details:
Marlène Hol

Rigtersbleek-Zandvoort 10 1.10
7521 BE Enschede

Want to know more about what Mobina can do for your enterprise’s future?

Contact us today. We look forward to getting to know you and your company.

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