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Mobina helps mobilize your organizationIn many organizations, a gap between business and IT still exists. IT is difficult to understand and therefore often avoided. Information systems can provide huge advantages, but can also keep down an organization. When changing an organization, it is essential to already include the application landscape in the discussion at an early stage, to make sure business and IT are aligned. This alignment is necessary to support the next level of innovations. Without the right information, machines can’t work and without being able to collect sensor data, Internet of Things is useless.

Mobina is an ideal tool to bridge the gap between business and IT. It helps IT people to ask business the right questions, while everyone in the company is getting a platform to discuss IT without being confronted with technical details. For IT people it’s often difficult to get clear insight in the business requirements at an operational level and to get feedback. Often people will only call for support when something is broken or doesn’t work. Incorporating the information landscape prominently in the discussion about the future of the business, helps business and IT to become (even) better aligned.

Our tool makes sure that your company will discuss those aspects that affect the core of the information landscape. Don’t get taken by surprise that support for multi-site ERP might be needed in the future, or that configuration is the way to standardize the product assortment. These discussions will be stimulated and have to be cleared before any major investment decisions are made.

Not only does Mobina help focus the attention on the core decisions, it also gives insight into the application landscape. Which systems are used for which processes? How well do they support these processes? And do they support proposed changes, like Internet of Things or product configuration? This can give a lot of insight into the application landscape and can help to identify opportunities to both lower costs and improve support. Are two applications used for the same things? Do people often use certain Excel sheets, maybe you can help them with a dashboard?

Mobina makes sure that your IT resources are spend in the most effective way possible. Information systems can and should make a difference for your company and we are able to help you with that. Mobina helps you prepare for the digital future.

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