These software features make our approach unique
The process of innovation and change is different for each company. Our software will help you characterize the very DNA of your business. Then you can configure the application’s content so that every process and issue you encounter is relevant to your company.

Discover here some features that make our software unique. Don’t forget to check the 4 deliverables you can count on with Mobina.

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Reference model

Are you looking for a platform for the exchange of expertise, insight and information related to your business? We have developed a reference model specifically for your type of industry. Our modeling method brings together the right people at the right points; every team member you invite can contribute digitally. The result is a lively, ongoing discussion of key issues that is inspiring and motivating as well as structured and motivated.

Digital discussion space

Of course, you want to use all of your employees’ unique knowledge and perspectives. But how do you channel it all? In our extensive digital discussion space, your employees can share insights from their own disciplines anytime, anywhere, creating optimal synergy. With the help of labels and sorting options, you know for sure that the most important discussions will reach you.

Keep and improve

In order to organize your information landscape in the best possible way, you want to improve what isn’t really working, while holding onto what is relevant. This is where our keeps and improves features come in. They enable your team to work together on a list of improvement points and points worth keeping, allowing you to identify bottlenecks and opportunities. It is a great way of laying the foundation for system selection or for an IT improvement agenda.


In order to know what to tackle first, you need objective information on information systems. This is hard to come by. Our ratings ensure that you know precisely where your information systems stand. This feature allows you to identify low-hanging fruit, but it also directly shows the projects with lots of added value.

Critical aspects

In a successful manufacturing company, your information landscape reflects your business’s identity. Our list of critical aspects shines a light on the potential impact of different choices. Your employees can prioritize these critical aspects and indicate the impact on your current or future information systems. These outcomes are vital in preparing your company for the future.

Heat map

What are the hottest issues for your employees? Where can the most substantial improvements be made? Our heat map shows what your employees have been working on and where most of the action is. With our software, you will no longer be in the dark about what is going on in your company.

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