By using the following software features you make your vision a reality:

  1. Reference model
  2. Digital discussion space
  3. The link to IT: keeps and improves
  4. Innovations
  5. Transition agenda
  6. Blueprint
  7. Findings
  8. Iterations
  9. Progress and reports

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Reference model

Mobina contains a unique and configurable knowledge model, tailormade for the manufacturing industry. This model incorporates a lot of knowledge and experience of our diverse team from practice and science. Through our unique modeling technique, we can configure the model for all types of manufacturing companies, so you see all (potentially) relevant processes and information exchanges. The structure of the model and the information in our software inspire people from the whole organization. Simultaneously, the reference model helps structure the discussion and documentation on the vision’s operational impact.

Digital discussion space

The appointed employees can use the digital discussion space to share their knowledge and perspectives; which allows you to effectively use these insights. The discussions are centered around the reference model, which structures them. The digital discussion space is available to your employees anytime, anywhere. The targeted topics you, as a manager, send to the organization through the iterations provide the basis for the discussion. By tagging each other, people can ensure everyone adds input from their viewpoint. You can identify and process the most important discussions by using the different labels and filter possibilities.

A company can’t evolve when the IT landscape doesn’t evolve in the same pace. Your employees can use our collaboration environment to record the things they want to keep from the current systems – and why – and what they’re missing. By combining these insights, you get software that fulfill the right requirements, without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It also offers you insight in the potential challenges regarding data conversions and exchanges.


Smart manufacturing and a lot of other modern trends provide an overwhelming amount of opportunities for the manufacturing industry. In our software, we listed the most important innovations at this moment. These innovations are linked directly to the most important spots in the reference model and can also be used as a source of discussions. This way, you include these innovations in the discussion and get insight in the impact of potential innovations on your business operations.

Transition agenda

In the transition agenda, you can keep a content-centered overview of all projects related to the transition. You can work at different levels of detail on diverse work products like blueprints and findings. The transition agenda allows you to translate your vision to realization. You build consistent and continuous documentation, based on everything your employees shared in the collaboration environment.


You can easily create blueprints of your company in a fast and effective way by selecting elements in our reference model,. The blueprints help clearly translate and communicate the vision to an operational level. Additionally, they help to collect in detail the characteristics of as-is and to-be situation. You can ensure completeness and consistency in your blueprints by using the reference model and discussion space as inspiration and input. Afterwards, you can quickly create visualizations to use in communication.


To successfully complete a project, it is important to gather all information and document all choices, so you can still recover later why certain choices have been made. Our software allows you to easily capture the most important findings. These findings can be organizational, process-oriented, strategic or IT-related. The IT-findings also allow you to list all requirements for the different systems to keep a good overview of your IT architecture.

By linking the input from the collaboration environment to all findings, you don’t only record a summary or the conclusion, but also the reasoning. This way, everyone is and stays aligned. The findings functionality allows you to converge to conclusions and decisions for the future.


You can start iterations in the software to discuss a specific subject. You, as management, can add these for all users, or for specific users, to structure the discussion and limit it to a given topic. The users can share their thoughts in the collaboration environment within a certain time frame. By providing different subjects and selecting important starting points in the reference model, you get the necessary input to take the findings and blueprints in the transition agenda to the next level.

Progress and reports

To ensure you uncover all relevant information, we also offer you several progress reports and dashboard. This allow you to see what everyone is doing; you get insight in the parts of the reference model where the action is and what the most important contributions of the users are. Through these overviews, you can find out whether you need to point users in the direction of other important topics. Additionally, it provides you with starting points for incorporating the input in the transition agenda.

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