Establishing an innovation agenda

Innovation is key for many industrial enterprises to stay competitive. Continuous improvement is a term often used, which is also stimulated by philosophies like Six Sigma. However, implementing continuous improvement and stimulating innovation in your organization can be a challenge. Global concepts like ‘smart manufacturing’ and ‘Internet of Things’ have to be translated into a concrete innovation agenda which is carried by your organization. This is where Mobina can help.

Mobina helps you mobilize your organization. It can help you change the mindset of your organization and hands them the tools to immediately share their ideas when they arise. Our reference model helps them to collaborate with the right people, both inside their processes but also crossing borders inside the organization.

Mobina helps your organization innovate

Our industrial Knowledge-as-a-Service gives you examples and ideas to use the newest innovations effectively in your processes, enabling users to extensively reflect on how to do things. What has to change to really adopt lean manufacturing, and how can we use Internet of Things? Can we use sensors in our products to improve after-sales services, or maybe even use sensors on our own machines to make sure potential defects are immediately noticed?

Next to this, we challenge you to think about core aspects to ensure cost-effective product innovation. How can engineering standardize the technology used to re-use this for different ends? How can products be built up as modules and as such be easily expanded with new functions? Which value-added services can I deliver to my customers?

Mobina makes sure you can make a concrete and effective innovation agenda. This allows you to achieve operational excellence and serve your customers in new ways. However, don’t forget to make sure your ERP and other applications are ready to support this!

Want to know more about what Mobina can do for your enterprise’s future?

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