ERP selection or renewal

Fifteen to twenty years after the first wave of ERP software implementation in the manufacturing industry, the number of companies considering to replace or upgrade the old system is increasing. The drivers are mostly obvious: reduce cost of ownership, the business has changed dramatically, the current system is at the end of its life cycle as it is poorly maintained by the vendor, or making a next step. Although the reasons to select a new package are evident, fear and uncertainties are still dominating the scene. Experiences of the past have not disappeared.

Mobina’s software tool provides companies professional guidance to structure the process of ERP package selection or renewal, especially in an early phase. The supporting functions focus at three areas: effective pre-selection of systems which matches with the key business aspects of the future strategy, mobilize people to invest time and energy towards a new or updated system and creating an overview of all details in systems and processes.

THE best practice you can read everywhere regarding successful ERP: first design the required and aimed processes before selecting and implementing technology. The Mobina reference model is the framework to discuss and design the future processes. Management can communicate strategy and future directions via the software. Users of the software are encouraged to translate these directions into design choices for future business processes.

Mobina has the power to gather all details, but also confront you with the most important aspect of ERP selection. The system, or potentially collection of systems, you choose for has to support your identity. We confront you with a unique list of critical business aspects, which have the potential to disrupt your whole information landscape. Our list challenges you to make important decisions upfront, so you only continue the process with systems that provide you a solid foundation to build on.

Our demo company Smart Crane Holding contains all critical business concepts and is used to test the core of ERP systemsSmart Crane: Crucial part of our unique approach

Mobina gives you insight into which ERP systems can provide you this foundation; we objectively assessed ERP systems for you with our unique approach. You can use this to decide whether your current system provides enough potential, or which implementation partners to talk with. You can then use all details discovered during Mobina’s usage to speed up implementation. This way, you can be certain the core fits and that all details are taken into account.

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