Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Do you have the feeling that you have totally had it with ERP and ERP projects? In the past implementations have occupied scarce resources of the company extremely. A lot of money has flown into it. And at the end we really must search for the benefits we achieved. Original business cases did not come through.

But despite all aversion, at every step you want to make with your business you are facing the limitations set by your ERP; it feels like a tight armor. It seems to be a never-ending topic with high recurrence patterns. But … ERP IS AND WILL REMAIN A CORE APPLICATION TO ACHIEVE THE BUSINESS DREAMS YOU HAVE …. So let’s look at some challenges you can tackle early on to have a brilliant success from now on.

Management challenges

In most cases where management stipulates a vision for the future direction of the company, a crucial aspect of the transition is the realization of streamlined business processes with a proper IT-framework. The transition should go smoothly without bothering the business. The ERP system is of profound importance inside this framework.

Investing with your company in a next gen ERP is not a wish but a must. As a manager you cannot ‘outsource’ the developments of your core IT-applications to IT-people or external contractors. Why not? Business and IT are tightly interlinked and interdependent. Your presence and involvement as a manager is a pre-requisite. Some common questions faced are:

  • How can ERP specialists make the right choices? ERP specialists can only deliver the right setup when they are fully aligned with your vision and business options. Keep asking them ‘how does this choice impact my business and my people’.
  • What is the impact on the daily work? Every change in ERP is reflected immediately in the daily routine                                                                                                                  of your people. You need to place your managers in position to counsel on these changes.

Whatever the reason, the goal or the trigger of new ERP may be, it will be an effort to get it done. The tricky point is in the details. This has to do with the nature of ERP and how it affects people’s daily work. ERP is primarily about transactions. And those transactions are the daily work of many of your people. They are used to the routines in the old system, they gained respect for that work, and it gives them a safe feeling because the connections with the colleagues are standardized in a way you are happy with. It is the guarantee for their job. You foul up this status quo with new ERP.

  • What is the role of ERP in the total IT landscape? ERP is just one element of an integrated Industry 4.0 enterprise architecture. Like it or not, you need to be in control over this total architecture.
  • How can you stay competent in realizing a smooth implementation? Have a trusted person at your right hand who keeps the overview about the total enterprise architecture of your company. Involve your line management continuously. Give them clear tasks and responsibilities in realizing the change.
  • What about the costs? Direct – expenses on IT – and indirect cost effects – performance of business processes – must be 100% transparent and controlled by you. No more surprises.
  • Which ERP fits my business best? Understand the DNA of your business model – the role of product assortment, the customer order, customer product specifications, supply chain grids and production systems – and make sure this fits the core data structures of your new ERP.

Are you considering a new ERP? With Mobina this becomes a reality!

We offer a unique software tool in which (top) management can outline and control this complex transition. As a manager, you always have an overview on how the transition is moving forward and can you manage the associated risks. An active role of the line management ensures you have the necessary information and the organization is empowered. Using Mobina software you:

  • mobilize your organization for change,
  • get access to extensive and relevant knowledge and experience from the industry,
  • guarantee consistent and continues documentation of your business, target states and transition;
  • have an overview as management on how your organization is evolving,
  • ensure your IT landscape is aligned to your business processes

Curious about how we can help you or how such a transition can look like? Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will get you in touch with one of our specialists!

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