Getting to the heart of tomorrow
With our standardized services you will get exactly the knowledge you need – both externally and internally – to be able to take the steps that are best for your company. Our smart software – along with the insights of our experienced consultants, if you like – will help you get straight to the heart of the future. Our 4 deliverables are clear evidence of that.

  1. Blueprint

Using our knowledge bank, you get to choose for yourself the processes you want to start working on. The software enables you to clearly outline the current and desired situations – without having to reinvent the wheel. It’s fast, easy and clear as a bell.

  1. Requirements list 

Drawing on your business processes, our system incorporates all input on existing and planned information systems and helps you to compose a company-specific list of requirements. This allows you to analyze systems, improve them, or to do the groundwork for selecting and implementing a new system.

  1. Reporting

With the data that your team enters into the Mobina collaborative tool, you can analyze progress, gain insight into current issues and much more. One example is our ‘heat map’, which provides a clear, detailed picture of your hottest issues. Naturally, you can also export the information that you build up this way.

  1. Priority & impact

A crucial part of the Mobina knowledge bank is our unique ‘critical aspects’ collection. Based on extensive industrial experience and scientific research, these critical aspects represent important pitfalls for your processes in the field of IT. With your list of critical aspects you can see which characteristics are crucial for the company or for a specific business process. You will see how you should be able to find this information in your systems. Also, you can set your own priorities for this list and clearly document the impact of certain aspects. This will help you discover where the low-hanging fruit can be found – those relatively simple IT improvements that make a substantial contribution. The critical aspects will also highlight bottlenecks and points of strategic importance. It is your compass towards realization.

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