End-of-life ERP: Business first, IT second

As any large organization with smaller units having its own dedicated business, Thales faced a very common but complex challenge. One of it’s subsidiaries runs an outdated and end-of-life ERP system putting its business continuity at risk. The company faced a dilemma with no single right answer: implementing Thales ERP standard or pursuing a third-party stand-alone solution. Mobina saw it is an exciting opportunity to help a small subsidiary working in an absolutely complex field and dealing with issues that span beyond their facility’s walls.

Having an extensive in-house knowledge and experience Mobina felt confident in helping and guiding this company towards a big decision. Deployment of the Mobina approach, based on in depth industry knowledge connected with IT architecture requirements, allowed to make quick steps and to achieve results in a short timeframe. The assessment of the current situation, bottlenecks and creation of blueprints were quickly delivered. Based on this, two business cases for alternative future developments to support the management in their decisions were developed.

Commitment and responsiveness of Thales enthusiasm and Mobina specialists made it possible to move forward quickly. René Hol, CEO of Mobina: “To preserve this atmosphere, we were focused on maintaining close and positive communication between headquarters, subsidiary and the Mobina team. As professionals we put a great effort into ensuring everyone was on the same page despite organizational and functional boundaries. We experience that it is crucial to translate IT issues into the language of business in order to find common ground.'”

Robert Hermans, COO of Thales Nederland mentioned: “In approximately 10 weeks from a management perspective we developed a broad understanding of the two scenarios we were to choose amongst. The professionals of Mobina helps us to clarify the choices we have on a business level driven by a business case. We didn’t lose ourselves in in-depth technical discussions about the pros and cons of specific functions in either the corporate or boutique ERP solution.”

Valerija Olsevska, knowledge and content developer of Mobina and closely involved in the project said: “These kinds of assignments are never about ERP only. We try to answer questions like what kind of future business performance is desired and how it can be achieved with the help of a new ERP system. Only then we can judge the fit of the system. The Thales case wasn’t straightforward at all, but together with Thales teams we successfully outlined the possible trajectories to fulfil its business unit’s aspiration.”

About Thales:
Whenever a critical decision needs to be made, Thales has a role to play. Our solutions help customers to make the right decisions at the right time and act accordingly in challenging environments in Aerospace, Space, Ground Transportation, Digital Identity and Security and Defence and Security. World-class technology, the combined expertise of 80.000 employees and operations in 68 countries have made Thales a key player in keeping the public safe and secure, guarding vital infrastructure and protecting the national security interests of countries around the globe.

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