Broshuis BV: gearing up for the future

The customer
Broshuis BV, Kampen (‘Driving Innovation’)

  • Broshuis BV is a family business, established in Muiden (1885) and later moved to Kampen
  • With over 130 years of experience Broshuis is the oldest manufacturer of trailers for special transport and container chassis
  • Target markets: European construction and infrastructure; defense; transportation of boats, containers, agricultural implements, trains and trams, wind turbines
  • Turnover in 2016: €60 million
  • 320 employees
  • Core values: safety, quality, innovation

The challenge

  • As a result of the economic crisis in 2008, Broshuis switched from producing generic products to custom-made orders
  • A factory conversion brought the company a lot of success and a growing market share as a specialist in customized products
  • By early 2017 Broshuis recognized the need for a strategy review aimed at realizing its growth potential and anticipation major market changes
  • The traditional process design and ways of working proved insufficient for coping with so much change and growth, while the ERP system also needed replacing

‘This market is changing fast: shorter turnaround times, faster and better machines, price pressure as a result of robotisation. We expect a shakeout in the coming years. Our ambition is to emerge as one of the top global players in specialized, innovative manufacturing. In five to ten years, we would like to see a cost reduction of 10 to 15%, with 90 to 95% of our trailers on the road within two months of the start of production. That’s why we decided to start working with Mobina at the beginning of 2017.’

Sjoerd Dekker, CFO Broshuis BV

The approach

  • With support from Mobina, Broshuis gave a group of 18 staff members access to the web application
  • With their management squarely backing the process, employees saw an opportunity to get involved in innovation and to come up with their own solutions
  • The application provided a clear outline of the main processes of Broshuis so that the work could be divided among the team members
  • Different team members tackled different topics. They used the knowledge, questionnaires and solutions put forward by Mobina, while the system connected them with colleagues at crucial points in the process
  • The labour intensity proved manageable, particularly as participants were able to dive into the system at their own time, in their own place and on their own devices

‘A process like this has to be pushed forward by the management, but Mobina’s system helps you focus. It forced us to think through the many facets of change, the many possible solutions and the implications of it all, even of smaller choices on the overall picture. Mobina took us through a very refined search process, in which every element crucial to the future of our company was placed squarely on the table.’

Sjoerd Dekker

The outcome

After about six months of research and discussions via Mobina’s web application, Broshuis reached the following outcomes:

  • The firm now has an agenda of solidly supported solutions that together form a road map for the coming years
  • The risk of wrong decisions, for example in selecting an ERP system and renovating the IT infrastructure, has been reduced to a minimum
  • Broshuis is ready to reposition itself as it evolves from a manufacturing company to an automotive player equipped to respond to growing customer demand for just-in-time, customized solutions through mass customization – a smart organization with high-speed, lean and highly flexible production processes.
  • The foundation has been laid for a new digital infrastructure, including an ERP system, which connects everything with everything. equipping Broshuis with the strength and flexibility it will need to live up to its promise both now and in the future: ‘Driving Innovation’

‘Carrying out this process with Mobina has enabled us to make solid, futureproof choices in a short time frame. In 2018-2019 we face the enormous challenge of implementing these choices: taking one of the four pre-selected ERP systems on board, expanding and transforming our engineering capacities, redesigning our processes. In times like this, everyone has their opinions and feelings about where to go as a company. Mobina offers objectification and substantiation, helping you make good choices. Broshuis will soon be ready for the next 130 years.’

Sjoerd Dekker

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