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18 July 2017

New innovations and developments are continuously introduced in the (manufacturing) industry. Companies put a lot of energy into internal process optimization and new technologies are used to create a smart factory. Our mission is to support companies in this process by helping them get the full potential out of their business software, currently (still) with a large focus on ERP.

Such an innovating industry needs an innovate approach to make sure systems are aligned with the business. We match suitable ERP-packages with the core concepts of a company. We don’t use long lists of questions, but a unique business-oriented script to focus on the core of the ERP system. Mobina is able to determine the fit of companies with software this way, because of our unique and scarce knowledge on the interaction between process and IT.

An important part of our approach is to make companies aware of their business concepts. Which aspects make your company stand out? Which production- and assembly typologies are present? Mobina has the unique knowledge to match these important business aspects to the core data structures of ERP systems. The complexity of ERP is hidden in our software; the user doesn’t have to look at features of the system, but can focus on the discussion from a business perspective. To match these aspects to the systems, Mobina has a database with critical aspects of ERP systems.

Our demo company Smart Crane Holding contains all critical business concepts and is used to test the core of ERP systemsSmart Crane: Our demo company

So how does Mobina fill this database? We assess the ERP systems by visiting the vendors for a demonstration of their system using our own script. This script describes the fictitious Smart Crane holding, that uses all different possible critical business concepts to produce the ‘Smart Crane’. The data structures of the ERP system are tested by using multiple production and assembly typologies and other critical business aspects, like different types of bill of materials, outsourced work and Kanban. In the near future, we will highlight on our blog which core concepts we assess for different company types. Our unique script approach ensures that we don’t only judge the functionality, but also the dynamics and flow inside a real company, without losing ourselves in unnecessary details. By using our script, we can fully test the dynamics of information sharing throughout an organization, something which is impossible with questionnaires.

The exclusive approach of Mobina is a win-win for the company, but definitely also for existing and  future IT suppliers for these companies. How? You can read this later on our blog.

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