Why businesses profit from Mobina more than ERP index

04 June 2017

The value we want to bring to manufacturing companies, is parallel planning, development and deployment of adequate business processes and aligned IT-systems. We want to give stakeholders insight into the interchange between the company’s processes and the underlying IT, with a strong focus on ERP as this is the heart of IT for many of such businesses. Such insights must be presented from a business perspective. Our company has the unique knowledge and experience to match critical business aspects with core data structures of ERP-systems. And we communicate this from a business point of view.

We experienced during pilots and tests with our software that the business communication layer was strongly approachable for people vertical and horizontal across the organization. They are challenged to communicate in a unique matter about their business – and indirectly about their IT. The software MOBilizes.

Although our original focus was quite strongly on ERP systems we recognized that users of the software touch many areas of innovation in their company and processes; do we want planning tablets, modern time registration or sensors on our products to improve after-sales services? This feedback has encouraged us to provide a platform for our users to INnovate today’s leading industrial enterprises.

Our software covers a broad range of business topics. These topics don’t only touch ERP, but also other applications in the information landscape like CRM, PDM, CAD, mobile field services and MES. Therefore we have expanded our support to linking all business topics to the whole IT architecture. Enterprises using our software can act parallel on business issues and IT-systems life cycles. It Aligns IT.

MOBINA has arrived.

– René Hol, President

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