Achieving operational excellence

Using Mobina, you can achieve operational excellence to reach key goals of your company. One of the key competitive factors for many manufacturing enterprises is the lead time. Both the lead time and its reliability can highly influence customer experience and willingness to pay reasonable prices. Other examples of key goals are efficiency (or achieving higher output) and flexibility. Mobina can help improve your processes to reach these goals.

Why are these goals so challenging to reach? The production in an industrial enterprise is complex. It often consists of a sequence of many steps, which can each form a bottleneck and can deviate from the expected course. If only one of these steps is improved, chances are this only moves the problem. Therefore, it is important to look at the whole picture.

High-level observations can help you get focus, but in the end the people in your organization know best what happens. Sending in a contingent of consultants can help to challenge them to share this knowledge, but in the end, it has to come from your people. We use Knowledge-as-a-Service to do this in a more efficient, cost-effective and modern way. The software is always there and no complex scheduling with consultants and working groups is needed. It challenges your people using standards, crosslinks, examples and much more to identify bottlenecks and opportunities. Our unique way of modeling brings your people together from across the organization to collaborate across boundaries and ensure they work together as one. Mobina makes sure you encounter every relevant process and topic relevant for your type of company, from purchasing and sales to assembly or production, from maintenance and sourcing to R&D or innovation.

Using Mobina, you can translate your vision to a powerful and widely-supported agenda. It gives you concrete actions to achieve operational excellence and keep offering the best service to your customers in the future. Not only by improving your processes, but by incorporating the newest innovations and creating a future-ready application landscape.

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