The transition toolset for manufacturers.


Manufacturing companies are facing many challenges. The pressure to stay competitive, digitize and innovate is high. The management has to develop and realize a strong and inspiring vision for the future. However, realizing this vision is not easy. It involves many risks, and projects often take a long time, which makes it difficult to keep track of progress. As a result, original business cases are often not met.

Mobina developed a disruptive approach that ensures your vision is actually realized. The best thing is: you are in control! Instead of offering traditional consulting services, we use a unique and innovative software tool in which your people play a central role. Using our tool, you keep an overview of the company in transition and you are empowered to manage the associated risks. Using the Mobina approach, you:

  • mobilize your organization for change,
  • get access to extensive, relevant knowledge and experience from the industry,
  • guarantee consistent and continuous documentation of your project agenda and, as a result,
  • ensure your IT landscape is aligned to your business processes.

Mobina. The transition toolset for manufacturers.

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Our team
At Mobina IT we focus on the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands and neighboring countries. Our roots are in the east of the Netherlands, with its many leading production companies; we are closely connected in this region with various networks in the field of manufacturing and innovation.

Versatile, fast, agile
Mobina IT is a family business as well as a company that unites a wide range of knowledge and talents, from senior consultants and scientists in production technology to IT professionals and tech-savvy, young talent skilled in thinking, modelling and acting swiftly. This diversity enables us to understand industrial customers and offer them relevant solutions.

The tension between old and young
The tension between ‘old’ and ‘young’ that many companies facer in times of transition is familiar to us. Our team includes experienced manufacturers with a strong tradition and knowledge base as well as smart young folk with the latest technologies at their fingertips. We’ve made bridging the age gap one of our strengths – and we see its potential in the Dutch manufacturing industry, too.

Meet the complete team

René Hol
René Hol
René Hol
Marlène Verburg
Marlène Verburg
Marlène Verburg
Hans Wortmann
Hans Wortmann
Hans Wortmann
Knowledge partner
Valerija Olsevska
Valerija Olsevska
Valerija Olsevska
Knowledge modeller

Our customers

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